Everyone’s favorite machete wielding uncle, Danny Trejo, recently made his appearance in the first person shooter, Far Cry 6.

In the game, players help Trejo set up his real life taco truck, Trejo’s tacos, on the fictional island of Yara. Inevitably, things go wrong and it’s up to you and Trejo to save the day. Players can unlock new rewards, like a motorcycle strapped with a gatling gun, and Trejo’s outfit. 

Unlike a traditional role, Trejo isn’t playing a character in Far Cry, but rather himself. The first mission called, Danny & Danny vs. Everybody, involves you and Trejo taking on Antón Castillo’s solidiers as they try to stop Trejo from feeding the hungry. It’s great to see Trejo interact with Castillo, who is played by the impeccable Giancarlo Esposito. This makes Far Cry 6 the a mini reunion for the two Breaking Bad actors.

Danny Trejo Far Cry 6

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The Danny Trejo missions were accidentally released earlier than intended in November. For a short time they were unavailable in Far Cry but now they are officially out and released. 

Far Cry 6 isn’t Trejo’s first video game performance either. His first role acting in a video game was for GTA: Vice City. He’s also appeared in the Def Jam and Fallout franchises. 

Hopefully, we’ll see more of Trejo in video games, but until then we’ll keep dreaming about his tacos. 

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