Photo Courtesy of Activision

A Call of Duty Warzone streamer, ChadWick, just pulled off a nearly impossible feat in the battle royale shooter. After 88 attempts, he managed to win a round of Warzone, but he did so without killing a single other player. Here’s how he accomplished this rare and time consuming feat.

The premise for battle royale games are all very well known by this point, you drop into the game with 60 to over a hundred other players and the last ones alive wins. It’s very difficult, but not impossible, to get a win without killing anyone yourself. As the match goes on, the area in which you fight it out, shrinks and if you’re outside of this shrinking zone you die. In Call of Duty Warzone, this zone is represented by a creeping toxic gas.

So how exactly did ChadWick pull of this feat? It’s all about patience and defense. The streamer choose a loadout that allowed him to survive as long as possible, since he wasn’t trying to actually fight or kill anyone weapons didn’t matter as much. So with a shield and lots of healing items, he hunkered down and did his best to stay out of sight and run from any would-be attackers.

Once it was down to the final circle and the gas started creeping in, all he needed to do was survive and out heal his opponents. You’d think something like this would be an easy task, but it’s easy to find that last person near the end if they’re refusing to kill anyone. This challenge took ChadWick 88 tries before he finally accomplished his goal.

It turns out violence isn’t always the answer.

Feature Photo Courtesy of Activision-Blizzard.