Justin Tucker Gets 99 Rating in Madden After Setting FG Record

It’s not everyday that players in Madden get massive stat boosts. It’s even more rare to see a current player get bumped up to the perfect 99. But, that’s exactly what happened after Baltimore Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker, hit a record setting field goal against the Detroit Lions last week. It makes Tucker far and away the best kicker in the game and one of the only five 99 rated players in Madden 22.

Breaking The Mold

All EA Sports games function off a 1-99 rating system. At a glance, it helps players create a value judgement on what player is better than another one. While there are other more granular values for every player like speed or awareness, that big number is the one that everyone raves over. Only a few players per position can even sniff the mid 80’s let alone the 90s. Tucker, who was already rated 87, got the bump up to 99 after the big kick.

NFL on Twitter: “Justin Tucker is now an honorary member of the @EAMaddenNFL 99 Club! @ochocinco @jtuck9 @Ravens pic.twitter.com/YceQlvFCej / Twitter”

Justin Tucker is now an honorary member of the @EAMaddenNFL 99 Club! @ochocinco @jtuck9 @Ravens pic.twitter.com/YceQlvFCej

On Sept 26th, the Ravens traveled to Detroit to play the Lions. It was a hard fought game that saw the game comedown to the final kick. Tucker, who is already the most accurate kicker in NFL history, stepped up to take the audacious kick. The field goal beat the previous record by two yards, cementing Tucker in the lore of the NFL once again.

Justin Tucker’s Rarefied Air

Tucker now sits among some of the greatest players in NFL in the 99 club. Through the Madden franchise history no more than eight players per year have gotten the coveted rating. That’s even more shocking considering the number of players on an NFL team. But Tucker is now the first kicker since Adam Vinateri in Madden ’06 to hit the 99 mark.

Featured Image: DETROIT, MICHIGAN – SEPTEMBER 26: Justin Tucker #9 of the Baltimore Ravens celebrates the winning field goal at the end of the game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on September 26, 2021 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

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