Ikea Gaming Furniture To Drop In October

Everyone’s favorite Swedish furniture maker is adding a new vertical to its massive offerings. Starting in October 2021, Ikea will offer gaming centric furniture in conjunction with Asus’ Republic of Gamers brand. Not satisfied with confounding just normies with their instructions, gamers will now cobble together their new desks and chairs as well. This adds to a paltry offering from what Ikea carries as gaming furniture, as they’ve only sold a couple of gaming desks before this new line.

Meet the designers behind the new IKEA gaming range

Hear the designers from IKEA and Republic of Gamers, ROG, talk about the new, high-performing IKEA gaming range and about the collaboration.

Ikea For The Sweats

As serious gaming/streaming becomes more common place in our popular culture, it seems almost bizarre that Ikea didn’t have gaming furniture from the start. But noticing a gap in their market they reached out to Asus are creating the new line. Included in the collaboration is every thing you’d need to start your gamer space. Desks, storage, pegboards, and even lighting are all things Ikea thought about with the new vision. Ikea designer, Jon Karlsson goes full in on gamers and even refers to them as athletes.

“Products that offer better ergonomics help gamers excel at what they do without wearing out their bodies – become better athletes, basically.”

Jon Karlsson, Designer, IKEA

Don’t Destroy Your Account

One common thread with Ikea is the affordability of its products. This could set their new gaming brand apart from so many others on the market. Not only are both ROG and Ikea recognizable brands, but they can release and be competitive with other makers like Secret Lab and Razer. With affordable products, college aged gamers and younger can finally put together their dream set up with a smaller investment. Giving them more money to spend on an actual gaming rigs.

The new Ikea gaming furniture line releases next month for both in person stores and online ordering.

Featured Image: Ikea

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