Does Raider’s Long Snapper Trent Sieg deserve better in Madden 22?

With NFL Madden ’22 on the horizon, player stats and overall scores are starting to trickle out and players all across the NFL have something to say. Trent Sieg, long snapper for the Las Vegas Raiders, thinks he deserves a little boost to his score.

Categorized as tight ends in the game itself, players in Sieg’s position tend to have some pretty terrible stats. Players are graded on an overall scale of 100 and Sieg’s overall comes in at…29. Ouch, Trent, we’d want a better score too.

After recovering a punt in their games verse the Rams (which didn’t even count) Sieg comically took to Twitter to convince Madden to up his overall, even just a smidge.

Trent Sieg on Twitter: “Hey @EAMaddenNFL any chance I can break into the 30 OVR club after this??? / Twitter”

Hey @EAMaddenNFL any chance I can break into the 30 OVR club after this???

Despite other Special Team players chiming in and Sieg’s team, the Raiders using their official account to pile on, Madden remains silent. Maybe next year, Trent.

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