Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum React to NBA2k22

With both NFL Madden ’22 and NBA2k22 releases on the horizon, various professional players from both worlds have been reacting to Overall Stats as they start to trickle out. In both games, players have varying stats that determine how good they are, and those all boil down to one larger, important stat the Overall or OVR for short.

In the world of Soccer for FIFA, these OVR stats are so important that some athletes can use high OVR’s when negotiating new contracts or salaries. But in America, for Football and Basketball, it’s more just for bragging rights.

Two top stars in the NBA had some words for the developer of NBA2k22, the first is Celtics Power Forward, Jayson Tatum. He was given an OVR of 90 this season, which is down from 91 in NBA2k20 and it puts him at the 11th best player in the game overall.

In an interview that was posted to Twitter when his stats were revealed to him, he said, “Why do we keep going backwards?” lamenting that every year it seems like his stats get worse. But he promises to do better this year and earn at least an OVR of 95 by the end of the season.

NBA 2K on Twitter: “🍀@jaytatum0 reacts to his 2K22 RatingStay tuned for more #2KRatings coming soonPre-order 2K22 ➡️ / Twitter”

🍀@jaytatum0 reacts to his 2K22 RatingStay tuned for more #2KRatings coming soonPre-order 2K22 ➡️

The other star wishing his OVR was higher is the Brooklyn Nets Small Forward, Kevin Durant. He’s a bit more fortunate than Tatum is in terms of where he ranked. With an OVR of 96, he’s in a four-way tie for the best player in the entire game alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo, LeBron James, and Steph Curry.

Despite being propped up alongside some of the best players in the world, that’s not enough for Durant. He believes he should be at a 99 saying, “I work extremely hard,” said Durant, who was also a 96 overall last year. “I pretty much do everything great. That’s why I should be a 99.”

For reference, the last time someone had a 99 Overall was LeBron James back in 2014. A few other people in the franchise history have also held a 99 including Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Kevin Garnett. But the only person to ever hold a 100, was Shaquille O’Neal.

NBA 2K on Twitter: “[email protected] thinks his 2K22 rating should be a 99 👀 Thoughts? #2KRatings / Twitter”

@KDTrey5 thinks his 2K22 rating should be a 99 👀 Thoughts? #2KRatings

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