Among Us’ new Airship map will be available on March 31st as part of a free update first unveiled at the Game Awards back in December, and developer InnerSloth says the Airship map is the biggest map to date and includes a whole slew of new changes to how the game will be played.

Not only is the map massive, but it will include the ability to pick what room you start in, different from how the game currently starts with everybody gathering in the cafeteria at the beginning of the round. 

Another huge addition to the game with the upcoming update patch will be something that fans have been calling for for a long time; what InnerSloth is calling a “preliminary” system, players will have an easier way to report accounts and help with moderation against toxic players. Player accounts have been in development for a while now, according to a blog post from the developers.

“A proper moderation system is one that is extremely difficult and time-consuming,” the studio said. “It is not as easy as just having a ‘report’ button and having an algorithm ban someone after a certain number of reports.”

But of course, the most important thing included in the update will be the addition of new hats. Because who cares about anything else except for really cool hats. The game is currently available for PC, iOS, Android, and Switch, with an Xbox port on the way sometime this year. 

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Image Courtesy of InnerSloth