League of Legends Worlds Pick’ems Busted

Each week at CheckpointXP we bring you a moment in gaming that’s too close for comfort. This week we wipe the sweat from our brow after an intense League of Legend’s Worlds match between Top Esports and Suning. While the match was close and high stakes, the Close Shave doesn’t go to Suning for taking the win. It actually goes to Alienware and the 12 people who correctly picked Suning to take the win in their League of Legends Pick’ems.

Pick’ems Brackets Busted

Every year for the League of Legends World Championship, fans fill out their own brackets known as Pick’ems. Thousands upon thousands of fans attempt to correctly guess who will be the victors from the group stages all the way up to the finals. Prior to Top Esports and Suning facing off there were 193 correct pick’ems left. This year, Alienware teamed up with Riot Games and League of Legends to offer prizes for those who pick ’em correctly.

Suning now goes on to face Damwon Gaming in the World’s Championship. Anyone who correctly predicts the winners in their pick’ems bracket will win an Alienware Gaming rig worth thousands of dollars. Close shave for those 12 who still have in-tact brackets, but Alienware was almost on the hook for nearly 200 gaming rigs if they had all guessed correctly. Suning and Damwon Gaming will face off against one another October 31st, where a Halloween Champion will be crowned.

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The two best League of Legends teams in the world will take the stage in Shanghai. Only one will Take Over.Tune in to the Finals of #Worlds2020 on Saturday, October 31, at 3AM PT / 11AM CET / 6PM CST at https://t.co/Q5eVg1svYi! pic.twitter.com/ggUitqWR9e

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