Nailed It and Failed It: Simply and TeamSoloMid

Each week we bring you two moments, one of epic success, someone who absolutely nailed it! And another of an epic failure, someone who totally failed it. This week on Nailed It and Failed It we tip our hats to Streamer and Speed-runner Simply and face palm for endemic esports organization TeamSoloMid.

Nailed It! Simply Sets New Speed Run Record for Mario 64

Simply is a streamer best known for his incredible speed runs of Mario 64. For the past eight years he’s been trying to attain the top spot and set a new record for speed running 120 stars in the popular Nintendo 64 game. The speed running world can be cut throat as you’re never aiming for the same goal every time. In Simply’s case, he’s been trying for eight years but the record he broke was only a few months old. As other speed runners also attempt and succeed at breaking records, the goal posts are constantly moving. Simply was able to finally achieve his dreams as he shaved 15 seconds off the record. He set the new record at 1 hour, 38 minutes and 28 seconds. Watch this wholesome moment shared between Simply and his parents after he set the new record.

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this the most wholesome shit i’ve ever [email protected] just broke the super mario 64 world record then this happened

Failed It! TeamSoloMid Has A Bad Month

It’s been a bad month for TeamSoloMid as they’ve had to deal with two separate incidents worth of our Failed It. The first goes to super-star League of Legend player, Doublelift who streaming one day. In the background you could hear someone on the phone. This was the voice of TeamSoloMid’s president Leena Xu. Doublelift and Xu are currently dating and in the background you can hear Xu say on the phone that another player’s career is basically only, no one wants him. The player in questions is Dardok. Watch below as Doublelift realizes what happens and cuts the stream seconds after Xu effectively ends Dardok’s career.

Streamable Video

Watch this video on Streamable.

But that’s not all! Following a victory at recent Ninja Night’s Fortnite Tournament, Zexrow, who is part of TeamSoloMid did a post-match interview. This stream was live and being watched by over 100,000 viewers including parents and their children. When asked what he has planned for the future, Zexrow didn’t hesitate to use some NSFW language to call out his opponents.


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