Fighting game stalwart, Street Fighter, announced this week that the final season for Street Fighter V is in development. In addition to new stages and gameplay adjustments, Capcom revealed that “V” characters are also coming to the game in “Season V”. While they didn’t reveal which fighters it’s hard not to speculate on who could be seeing a return to the series. So here’s a look at some potential fighters that could appear in Street Fighter V’s Season V.


First Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha/Zero (1995), Latest Appearance: Ultra Street Fighter IV (2014)

Image: Capcom

This Italian fortune-teller remains one of the most mysterious fighters in the whole series. She’s only appeared in the Alpha games and in Street Fighter IV but remains distinct mostly due to her absurdly long magic scarf. She’s portrayed as a mystical guide of sorts in the lore and is the master of Street Fighter V’s, Menat.

In-game, she’s a keep-away character. Many of her moves have excellent reach and she is one of the only fighters to have the ability to reflect fireballs. Outside of Guile, Poison, and Dhalsim, there aren’t many fighters in SF V that specialize in zoning. Rose could add one more and provide a deeper look into the stories of Menat and M. Bison.

Crimson Viper

First Appearance: Street Fighter IV (2008), Latest Appearance: Ultra Street Fighter IV (2014)

Image: Capcom

A woman who made her debut in Street Fighter IV, Crimson Viper quickly became a fan favorite of many Street Fighter veterans. She’s a secret double agent, working undercover to topple an evil weapons manufacturer. But she is also a caring mother who calls her young daughter every time she finishes a bout. Work-life balance is key for C. Viper.

To play as C.Viper is a test of skill. She’s one of the more technical characters to use with special moves to answer any situation. Unlike most, different buttons change the placement or trajectory of certain moves. Most fighters merely get faster/stronger versions depending on the button. C.Viper requires a player that’s well versed in counter-attacking and reading their opponent.


First Appearance: Street Fighter III Third Strike (1999), Latest Appearance: Ultra Street Fighter IV (2014)

Image: Capcom

Ranking 2nd only to Sakura in Capcom’s official poll, Makoto is an absurdly strong karate master that will get in your face and make you hurt. She’s not as involved in the story as many other fighters she is simply a woman looking to be the best fighter in the land. And it’s hard to argue against her.

Makoto has one of the more unique styles of fighting in the game. She has limited options in the air but on the ground, she’s a force. She’s got moves that get her close to her opponents quickly and all of her attacks hit insanely hard. Once a good Makoto player is near you, get away quickly.


First Appearance: Street Fighter III (1997), Latest Appearance: Ultra Street Fighter IV (2014)

Image: Capcom

The joyful Elena is the first fighter from the continent of Africa in the series. She’s a college student that speaks three languages and also happens to be a Capoeira Maestra. Elena doesn’t have any malice towards the other fighters and only fights to meet people and make friends.

Playing as Elena is interesting. She has no projectiles/fireballs but has great range due to her long limbs and has options at medium range or close up. She is also the first playable character to have a super move that heals her. While she usually won’t get played at major tournaments, Elena is a good character for medium skill players to pick up and learn more advanced concepts.


Image: Capcom

The only fighter to not appear in Street Fighter IV at some point, Oro is canonically the strongest fighter in all of the franchise. However, he is an aged recluse that only fights with one arm to now mistakenly kill is opponents. He has the power of telekinesis and can effortlessly toss foes aside like the Hulk did Loki in the Avengers. Oro is weird, hard to understand, and off-putting and that’s just how he should be.

Oro is for highly advanced players. His super moves are non-typical and often require additional inputs or conditions to work. He heavily relies on screen-control and trickery. While his range isn’t the best his moves are versatile and it’s hard to tell between if its a special or a normal. To master Oro is to be a truly masterful player.

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