Overwatch League 2019 Season2019-08-11 / Photo: Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

Photo: Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

This week puts us well over the half-way point in the 27-week regular season for the Overwatch League. The results from this weekend also determine the final seeding for the May Tournament that starts Friday, May 22nd. While some teams like the Shanghai Dragons continue to dominate, others fall flat while the rest struggle for somewhere in-between. The Overwatch League Week 15 results come with surprises and heartbreaks.

Overwatch League Week 15 Results

Saturday May 16th

Seoul Dynasty 0 v 3 Chengdu Hunters
London Spitfire 0 v 3 Shanghai Dragons
New York Excelsior 3 v 1 Hangzhou Spark
Vancouver Titans 0 v 3 Houston Outlaws
Florida Mayhem 3 v 1 Washington Justice
Los Angeles Gladiators 2 v 3 Boston Uprising
San Francisco Shock 3 v 0 Atlanta Reign

Sunday May 17th

Guangzhou Charge 3 v 2 Chengdu Hunters
Hangzhou Spark 3 v 0 London Spitfire
Dallas Fuel 0 v 3 Paris Eternal
Philadelphia Fusion 3 v 0 Vancouver Titans
Toronto Defiant 2 v 3 Los Angeles Valiant

Week 15 Highlights

Saturday May 16th

The Seoul Dynasty fall back to the bottom after their win over the Shanghai Dragons with a decisive loss to the Chengdu Hunters. The Hunters delivered another clean sweep to the Dynasty. The first two matches the Dynasty held up their own with a match score of 1 and 2 in the Hunters favor both times. By the end, however, in match 3 the Hunters put it away with a 0 and 2 score on Gibraltar, full holding the Dynasty at point A. The London Spitfire suffered a similar fate to the Dynasty. Last week they went 0-2 against the Hunters and the Charge, this week against both the Hangzhou Spark and the Shanghai Dragons they were 3 and 0’d.

The New Vancouver Titans came into the weekend with something to prove. Last week marked their first two games as a team against the Mayhem and Justice, which they lost. The Titans had earned only a single map win against the Justice and the Outlaws didn’t plan on giving one up either. The Outlaws had a few surprises of their own as João Pedro “Hydration” Goes Telles was in the main tank position over Austin “Muma” Wilmot. It worked in the Outlaws as a favor as they took the match 3 to 0. This puts the Titans in the last seed for the play-in round of the May Melee Tournament.

The Boston Uprising surprised everyone, most certainly the Los Angeles Gladiators. The last place Uprising with new off-tank Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist, managed to snatch victory from the jaws of a defeat in a game 5 against the now 11th place Gladiators. Rounding out the first day everyone had high hopes for the Atlanta Reign to put on a show against the San Francisco Shock. However, despite losing their MVP player Jay “Sinatraa” Won a few weeks ago this team hasn’t slowed down. They finished the Reign in three matches with a clean sweep.

Sunday May 17th

The match between the Dallas Fuel and the Paris Eternal had a lot riding for both teams. Dallas and Paris have both been on the cusp of breaking into the top. While their records may put them somewhere in the middle, they’ve pushed the top teams to the edge in some matches. While the match was expected to be a close one, the Paris Eternal dominated the Dallas Fuel. The Fuel didn’t seem to have any answers for Terence “SoOn” Tarlier who showcased his skill on everything from the Symmetra to the Widowmaker. Nicolas “NiCOgdh” Moret was able to get aggressive and make some amazing plays in the support role as Lucio. In the end, Paris took the match 3 to 0 in a clean sweep.

The Philadelphia Fusion continued the trend of beating down the new Vancouver Titans. Given the Titans’ short history and the fact that the Fusion is sitting comfortably at the top of the league, the outcome isn’t entirely unexpected. The Fusion played with unmatched aggression, it was almost disrespectful. They even brought out Doomfist specialist and fan-favorite Philip “ChipSa” Graham for his debut match. By the end of this match-up the Fusion was using ultimate abilities for fun to keep the Titans stuck in their spawn room. It was a quick and easy 3 and 0 sweep for the Fusion.

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