Overwatch League Week 14 Results

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The May Tournament has begun for the Overwatch League. Wins are as important as ever as the teams continue to climb the standings. However, even the teams at the bottom have something to play for now as these early May matches contribute to seeding for the tournament. It’s not just money on the line either as the top four teams will also earn bonus wins to add to their overall standings. The Vancouver Titans’ new roster also make their debut on the stage against the Washington Justice. Overwatch League Week 14 results bring surprises around every corner.

Overwatch League Week 14 Results

Saturday May 9th

Shanghai Dragons 2 v 3 Seoul Dynasty
Chengdu Hunters 0 v 3 London Spitfire
Guangzhou Charge 3 v 1 New York Excelsior
Paris Eternal 3 v 1 Los Angeles Gladiators
Washington Justice 3 v 1 Vancouver Titans
Houston Outlaws 0 v 3 Atlanta Reign
Los Angeles Valiant 3 v 0 Boston Uprising

Sunday May 10th

Hangzhou Spark 0 v 3 Shanghai Dragons
London Spitfire 1 v 3 Guangzhou Charge
Dallas Fuel 1 v 3 Philadelphia Fusion
Toronto Defiant 1 v 3 San Francisco Shock
Florida Mayhem v Vancouver Titans

Week 14, Match of the Week Highlights

Shanghai Dragons 2 v 3 Seoul Dynasty

Map 1, Ilios – Shanghai Dragons

The Seoul Dynasty takes first point capture using a dive composition against the Shanghai Dragons double shields. The Dragons come back in with a Mei and Torbjorn to wrestle back control of the point. Capture point continues to bounce back and forth but the Dragons take the round 100% to 99%. Round two has both teams coming in with double shields and a Symmetra but the Dragons come out on top. Lee “LIP” Jae-won is able to cut the Dynasty in half and in the mirror composition the Dragons prove superior in a 100% to 0 first map win.

Map 2, Rialto – Seoul Dynasty

The Dragons attack first and run double shield with a Mcree into a similar composition from the Dynasty. Seoul is able to mount a solid defense on point A draining the clock down to one minute before the Dragons breakthrough with the first pick onto Gesture. Seoul puts the brakes on Shanghai’s attack just before B. From there the Dynasty holds the Dragons at the bridge just after point A and drains down the timebank. The Dragons make one more overtime push attempt but are stopped just short of point B.

Dynasty mount their attack with an Orisa, Wrecking Ball, Tracer, and Widowmaker composition. The Dragons continue to run double shields but with a Widowmaker of their own. The Dynasty do take point A and then switch to double shields of their own. Off the back of several key pick-offs from Junyoung “Profit” Park on the Tracer, the Dynasty is able to win the map.

Map 3, King’s Row – Seoul Dynasty

Both teams run mirror compositions on the Dragons attack consisting of Mei, Hanzo, double shields and Zenyatta and Baptiste. The Dragons take point A on the first team fight. However, it’s stopped short as Dongeon “FITS” Kim gets a three kill Dragon Strike on Hanzo. Shanghai eventually grind out point B with three minutes on the clock and finish the map as the Dynasty fail to contest the point.

Similarly to the Dragon’s attack, the Dynasty take point A on the first team fight and quickly roll through point B on the back off several key kills from FITS’ Hanzo. Seoul starts the point C section of the map with a staggering 5 minutes on the clock. Dragons mount a solid defense but the Dynasty do eventually take it and push them into extra rounds.

In round 2 the Dragons take point A and push all the way to point B in overtime before the Dynasty stops them. On the defense the Dragons manage to drain down all of the Dynasty’s time bank, but Seoul capture point. Just like the Dragons the Dynasty push into overtime all the way to point and are able to take the map win.

Map 4, Anubis – Shanghai Dragons

For the Dynasty’s attack both teams choose to run the double shield composition with a Mei. Seoul breaks through the Dragons defense in the first attempt taking point A. They start with point B attack with over 5 minutes on the clock and tremendous momentum. The Dynasty is able to build 96% capture progress on point B before Seungtae “Bdosin” Choi gets picked off by the Dragons. Shanghai is able to put a stop to the attack and ends up fending off the Dynasty’s attack with a hold.

On the Dragon’s attack Minchul “Izayaki” Kim builds a very fast Coalescence with Moira and uses it to help secure the point A take. With five and a half minutes on the clock the Dragons move to point B. The Dynasty is able to repel the first attack, but the Dragons come back with two support ultimate’s built uptake point B and the map, forcing the game 5.

Map 5, Busan – Seoul Dynasty

The first round of Busan is one-sided as the Dragons take the first point and play very aggressive. They’re able to keep the Dynasty on their back foot, staggered, and unable to mount a sufficient attack. The round ends in the Dragons favor 100% to 0. In round 2 the Dynasty go back a dive composition and the capture point bounces back and forth between the two., The Dynasty is able to grind out the win in a close 100% to 99%.

For the final round it’s a reverse of compositions as the Dragons come out with a dive team and the Dynasty with double shields. FITS on the Widowmaker is the big difference maker here as he gets kill after kill, setting his team up for the win on the team fights. The Dynasty build up to 99% before the Dragons wrestle control back. It takes a few attempts but the Dynasty are able to flip the point once more in the final team fight and take the win over the Shanghai Dragons.

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