Close Shave of the Week: Overwatch League Seoul Dynasty

Each week at CheckpointXP we bring you a moment in esports that’s too close for comfort. This week for CheckpointXP’s close shave we visit the Overwatch League. The Seoul Dynasty attempts to turn around their bad luck from the past few weeks.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic some of the teams in the Overwatch League had their season put on hold. While the League made changes to accommodate online play to keep the season going, one by one the teams began to make up these games. One of the last teams to finally get back on the main stage was the Seoul Dynasty. There were high expectations that this veteran roster would be one of the highest performing teams in the Asian Region. Their first match against the Hangzhou Spark supported this theory as the Dynasty took the match three to zero.

But the next three matches would turn that idea on it’s head. The Seoul Dynasty lost to the Shanghai Dragons, arguably one of the best teams in the League, in a devastating three to zero sweep. Following that match the Dynasty would also lose three to zero to the Guangzhou Charge and then again three to zero to Hangzhou Spark.

Last week the Seoul Dynasty were matched against the Shanghai Dragons and everyone expected another blowout match. The Dynasty, however, seemed more prepared this time around. It was a close match and went all the way to the third round in a game five, but the Dynasty was able to clutch out a win against the top team in the league. The only question now is if they can turn this momentum into more wins.

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