Mortal Kombat 11 dropped last year to rave reviews and Netherrealm Games wants to keep the energy going. With no E3 or EVO on the horizon for the legacy fighting game, the fatality family dropped a new trailer for MK’s latest update. The “Aftermath” patch looks to bring in new characters and expand on what happens at the end of the main game’s story.

New Timeline Tango

MK 11’s story revolves around time travel and your favorite fighters taking on younger versions of themselves. Its absolutely nonsensical, but it provides a load of fun. Aftermath picks up we left it with Liu Kang trying to rebuild the timeline and set existence on a more stable path. He and Raiden are interrupted by the duplicitous Shang Tsung and we are off to the races. The story looks to revolves around retrieving Kronika’s crown to help control time. To do this, our hero’s must trust Shang Tsung as he partners with Fujin, Sheeva, and others. As a result, the cast is on eggshells expecting Tsung’s self-interests to take hold at any moment.

Old New Faces & Changes

As with every update, the Aftermath patch brings new fighters to the mix. The four-armed, Sheeva and wind god, Fujin are both major players in the new story. Sheeva also reveals she was bodyguard to the old queen of Outworld, Sindel. There isn’t much revealed about Fujin outside of the fact that he doesn’t trust Shang Tsung. Our surprise guest character for this patch took all of us by surprise as Robocop is coming to the game next month as well. We didn’t get any gameplay of Murph, but more is sure to come in the next few days.

Also returning to the game is the “Dead Pools” stage where you can uppercut foes into pools of acid. And most surprisingly is the return of “Friendships” where characters perform wholesome acts instead of the brutal Fatalities the game is known for. In previous iterations, you would have to perform a Mercy in the final round before attempting a Friendship. The Mercy mechanic is in the game so a similar path to the new finishers could be possible.

The Aftermath update drops on May 26 with Friendships, new stages and stage fatalities coming to all players for free. New characters must be purchased.

Featured Image: Netherrelm Games