With traditional sports and concerts shut down for the foreseeable future, gaming has risen in the public eye. As a result, Esports is one of the few industries that’s growing during the Coronavirus outbreak. As the lock-downs continue, advertisers are looking towards video games/esports as a way to promote their products and expand their consumer base. But how can esports continue to grow when most of the world has no context for a specific game? Or how can esports truly penetrate pop culture? To help us answer some of these questions we talked with Lawyer, Darren Traub, a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP.

Darren Traub’s focus in the world of music helped expose him to esports over the past couple of years. He’s advised a litany of esports organizations on partnerships, branding and connecting with game developers. Traub also has experience in providing legal advice for some of the world’s top music festivals. In our conversation, we talk about how music and video games can converge to make powerful events. Traub explains how a hip-hop mega star like Travis Scott connects with Epic Games to make stunning performances. Traub also explains how esports brands can do more to elevate their pop culture status. Weather it be through celebrity investors, fashion collaborations or simply winning, Traub points out multiple paths for growing esports orgs.

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