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Tampa Bay area gamers can now rent classic games from Lowry Parcade. With the closures of bars because of the pandemic, the Lowry Parcade shifted their business model from craft beer and arcade games to offering those same games for rent!

According to their website, each machine is sanitized and the delivery crew wears masks, gloves, and practices social distancing. Delivery is free within 5 miles of Lowry Parcade and anything further is subject to a delivery fee. Oh and you won’t need any quarters, the games are set to free-play!

A couple of the arcade games available for rent based on availability are Donkey Kong, Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Galaga & Ms. Pacman.

A couple of the pinball machines available for rent based on availability are Star Wars Pro, Game of Thrones Pro and South Park.

Learn more about their rentals here!

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