Image: Sony/

Image: Sony/

Until today we haven’t seen any of the hardware designs for Sony’s next-gen console. But we now have our first look at the PlayStation 5 controller and some of the features it will include. The new “Dual Sense” controller is sure to turn the heads of gamers around the world.

The game maker went out of their way to illustrate how the Dual Sense will help with immersion. We know from the PS5’s lead architect, Mark Cerny, that the PS5 will support 3D audio. The Dual Sense couples that feature with an in-controller mic and speaker so you can chat even without a headset. In addition to an emphasis on sound, the Dual Sense will also include adaptive triggers, so you’ll feel tension in the triggers when performing strenuous tasks in the game. The “Share” button is now the “Create” button, which will surely integrate with the new version of the “PlayRoom”.

Other features include USB-C charging, a front facing light bar, in-controller mute button and a smaller “PS/Home” button. However, the most shocking departure is in the design. The controller looks significantly bigger and bows out a bit at the sides. The “L1/R1” shoulder buttons also look larger and the two-toned color scheme is different to say the least. According to Playstation Blog’s post, Sony tested the Dual Sense with people with a variety of hand sizes, as folks generally said Dual Shock’s were a bit too small.

The new PlayStation 5 Controller is a massive departure from the usual PS design of Black and more Black, so one can only imagine what the PS5 itself will look like. But there is still no official release date for the Playstation 5 or any of its launch titles.

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