Fireflies, the new game from Smart Studios, based in Santo André, Brazil, is the living proof of the globalization of the game industry.

The groundbreaking mix of voxel art, an breathtaking adventure puzzle design and a touching story that ring bells to the current state of our society is already gathering fans from all over, from GameJolt moderators to Steam curators, and, of course, players.

The story can’t be more contemporary. One child, victim of abuse and domestic violence, locks itself into its own mind, and everywhere it looks, a nightmarish scenario, full of challenges, horrible creatures and bosses coherent with previous life tragedies gains the help of three powerful allies: a caring psychologist (don’t forget to get in touch to get the exclusive prologue HQ), the will force of the player and of course, fireflies that lead the way out of this mind blockage. Why are the fireflies helping? That’s for you to find out.

The game has been in production for the last two years by Smart Studio, led by Victor Romão, Lead Artist and the visionary that decided to use voxel art back in 2017:

“We wanted to do something different when choosing voxel in an unprecedented level of detail and size, never seen in games before. This choice is also interspersed with what we are trying to communicate, because everything in life is built, like small pieces that fit together forming worlds around us. Some of them can be people, others are objects or animals that would always help us on our journey, if we allow them.”

The studio CEO and main investor, Sérgio Filho, tells us why he is so excited about Fireflies:

“Our studio was initially conceived as an incubator for students, but due to the success of the projects and talent of our professionals we started to create commercial games. I’m very hopeful that everyone enjoys playing Fireflies as much as we have making it.”

Fireflies is available right now for PCs on Steam, GameJolt and