Overwatch Introduces New Hero, Echo

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Heroes are the life blood of Overwatch. Since the release of the first post-launch hero Ana, Blizzard has had a steady release of new heroes. That all changed last year with the release of Sigma in July 2019 and official word of Overwatch 2. The development of Overwatch has slowed as more efforts are put into Overwatch 2. We’ve got our first major hero release since in almost a year and it’s someone we’ve seen before, Echo.

OVERWATCH Official Animated Short “Reunion” – Ashe Reveal | BlizzCon 2018

See the Overwatch animated short from BlizzCon 2018 featuring McCree and new hero Ashe

Echo was first introduced in the release cinematic for Ashe two years ago at Blizzcon. In the video Mcree is tasked by Winston to secure something that will help them ‘get the band back together’. After an ambush by the Deadlock gang, Mcree defeats Ashe and his old crew and then releases Echo from her chamber.

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Introducing Echo.An evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence, Echo represents the cutting edge of technology. pic.twitter.com/aStyP5F4Al

Over the past week the PlayOverwatch Twitter account has been teasing a new addition to the game. From encoded correspondence to encrypted messages and finally, a picture of Echoes stasis pod from the Reunion cinematic. Today on Twitter they officially announced that Echo would the new hero and that TimTheTatMan would be doing an exclusive first look stream with Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan.

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Tomorrow at 10AM PT, join @timthetatman, along with Game Director Jeff Kaplan, as we get the first look at Overwatch’s newest hero: Echo.đź“şhttps://t.co/jklZ4dClg0 pic.twitter.com/iLP9WgA8Ko

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