(Media provided by Psyonix)

Psyonix has announced that the March Update will go live in Rocket League today (March 10) for all platforms.

The Update will feature:

  • Blueprint Trade-Ins – Players will be able to trade in five Blueprints from the same series and rarity for a higher rarity Blueprint.
  • Dynamic Range Controls For Game Audio – Dynamic Range Presets of Medium (Default), Low (Night), and High (Theater) will be available in the “Audio” tab within Options.
  • Final Mac and Linux Update – This update will be the last update for Rocket League on Mac and Linux (MacOS and Linux players can request a refund through Steam up until June 10, 2020).
  • New In-Game Content – A new Blueprint Series and Item Shop Items will be revealed soon! Plus, additional content will be rolling out throughout Spring.
  • Various Quality of Life Improvements

For more information about the March Update, check out the latest blog post HERE