Each week at CheckpointXP we bring you a moment in esports that is too close for comfort in the close shave of the week. This week for the CheckpointXP close shave of the week we leave the pro scene and check in on some casual players found via reddit.

In this video two players have been abandoned by the rest of the team in the middle of a match on Hanamura. The attacking team now faces a 2 v 6 situation having already captured point A. One of them goes Winston and the other goes Bridgette. The plan is to have the Bridgette use her ult to survive as long as possible in their spawn at point A, while the Winston uses the left side gap to jump to point B. With the defending team trying to spawn camp the last two players, they hoped they wouldn’t notice the Winston back capping the point. Some how, it works out in their favor and these two players become probably the first to ever overcome a 2 v 6 situation.

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