The fan fav Ghost returns.
Image: Activision

The newest entry of Call of Duty saw great reaction to its Season Pass, so its little surprise that Season Two was coming. Announced via Twitter, the new Modern Warfare Season Two pack includes new maps, weapons and fan favorite character, Ghost.

The Season Two pass doesn’t just have old faces. The classic Modern Warfare 2 map, Rust, returns joining Crash, Shipment, and Vacant as old school maps updated for the new game. The update also includes a couple of new weapons, the Atlas Superstore map, the Zhokov Boneyard ground war map, and a couple of smaller Gun Fight maps. A new CDL playlist is also coming with the update, letting players duke it out over the same rule set as the pros in Call of Duty League. All maps and playlists are free for all players but skins and weapons will have to be earned through the season pass.

The Season/Battle Pass system was popularized by games like Fortnite allow players to earn loot through gameplay. However, to access every item you will need to pay around $10. That gives you access to every tier of the pass so you are earning, skins, boosts and weapons every level. The free option only has unlocks around every five levels or so.

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