The verdict is in and the players have spoken! Ironsight, the new competitive F2P shooter from gamigo, has received over 1300 reviews on Steam with 72% of them positive.

Ironsight – Steam Trailer

Ironsight is the modern and realistic free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter featuring intense online battles. Now is available on Steam. Steam:

Players are drawn to the quick-paced matches, the extensive customization, and the thrill of controlling the game’s many technological skills and weapons.

Read what the players are saying:

  • “One of the best free games” – Redwolf

  • “F2P without the P2W” – Synergy

  • “Great game for free and not pay to win” -CG_Killer

  • “They have done everything better than COD did in MW (2019) – Debil Donut

  • “This game is incredible!” – Arietty

Ironsight is also earning rave reviews with critics as well:

  • Happy Gamer proclaims it “features rich details and authentic controls”
  • MMOHuts boasts Ironsight has, “gorgeous graphics and innovative futuristic warfare”
  • MMOWorlds flat out calls it, “a great game and well worth playing”
Ironsight Infographic

Image provided by Team Critical Hit