Rangers Of Oblivion Blows Your House Down For Chinese New Year

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Little pigs, little pigs… Rangers of Oblivion has made its resolutions and it’s an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ approach as we enter Chinese New Year.

Rangers of Oblivion – Trailer

Rangers of Oblivion is a monster hunting game featuring real-time combat and high definition graphics. It’s time to join the hunt!

We’re leaving the Year of the Pig behind with some in-game events that may have you squealing with delight.

Until February 5th, you can take part in a special stage where all enemies wear piggy masks. Defeat these swines and bring home the bacon! Only you don’t get actual bacon — but event tokens which can be exchanged for various rare items and event-related headgear. However,  if Veganuary is more your thing, you can still claim rewards from today to the end of Jan, simply by logging into the game.

Rangers of Oblivion costume
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Remember Hunt Permit Season? Well, Season 2 has arrived! Win new titles, new head costumes and a new pet costume (‘Wave Snowbather’) in-game now until Feb 27th.

Another feature new to Rangers of Oblivion — and one befitting the colder weather in Malheim — is the Silver Keep Hot Spring. Here you can invite NPCs for a bit of social and a chit-chat. With his/her own set of preferences, NPCs will increase and develop relationships with players, perhaps even prompting them to share their deepest, darkest secrets with you …

Sliver Springs
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Finally, rumors are abound that Rangers of Oblivion is undergoing a mega-expansion — this ongoing development will see Malheim undergo some fairly seismic improvements in the months to come. Initially, players can expect some new features across the board; with new monsters and new gameplay in Silver Keep. Further details are under wraps at the moment.

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