Close Shave of the Week: Cloud9 makes Katowice

Each week at CheckpointXP we bring you a moment in esports that is too close for comfort in the close shave of the week. This week for the CheckpointXP close shave of the week we see Cloud 9’s CS:GO team just barely qualify for IEM Katowice.

C9 have FINALLY broken the North American CS:GO curse, and will be returning to IEM Katowice after recently qualifying for both that and Dreamhack Leipzig. They have faced quite a bit of adversity in the past few years when it comes to their Counter Strike team, and here we get to have a peek into JUST how fired up they were before they qualified. Take a listen to their coms during the qualifying game.

We qualified for IEM Katowice 2020! | VOICE ENABLED EP.1 | Cloud9 CS:GO Comms

Listen in on the new Cloud9 CS:GO team comms and reactions as they went undefeated in the IEM Katowice 2020 Qualifier. Featuring the best highlights and mome…

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