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Intrepid Studios, the developers of the crowd-funded MMORPG Ashes of Creation, have announced that their first playable build of the game will be released this year in 2020.

In a blog post from the Creative Director of Ashes of Creation, Steven Sharif announced that the game would be entering its first official Alpha test phase with what he calls ‘Alpha One’. This means that there will be no NDA (non-disclosure agreement) keeping players from talking about their experiences and it will be the first opportunity for backers and the general public to play in a slice of the world of Ashes of Creation.

Additionally, other game modes will be in development during the Alpha Testing. Steven Sharif stated in his blog post:

[…] 2020 will see the public testing of our Castle Siege mode in Apocalypse, where players will be able to experience our objective-based warfare, siege weapons, and destruction systems that will be employed in the MMORPG.

Intrepid is also looking at new and creative ways to engage their community with in-depth posts about classes, node types, freehold buildings and different types of equipment.

You can read the full blog post at the Intrepid Studios blog post.

Happy Holidays from Intrepid Studios

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Checkpoint XP spoke with Steven Sharif and Jeffery Bard, developers on Ashes of Creation, back in 2017 after the success of their Kickstarter campaign. You can hear that full interview here.

Our thoughts: This is so exciting. Ashes of Creation is a project I’ve been watching closely and I’m very excited for. The MMOPRG genre needs a drastic overhaul and AoC might be the first step along that path. I can’t wait to see how this world functions.