Would you kindly refrain from freaking out too much, we’re still far from any kind of release date. 2K announced they are forming a new studio called Cloud Chamber to work on what will be the best Bioshock game. That means we are still years out from seeing anything concrete.

Kevin Levine who directed Bioshock 1 and Bioshock: Infinite is not affiliated with the project. Cloud Chamber is being headed by Kelley Gilmore who was with Firaxis Games and worked on Civilization and XCOM. The Cloud Chamber team also includes several other Bioshock alumni including; Scott Sinclair, Jonathon Pelling and Hoagy de la Plante.

Our Thoughts: Bioshock delivered one of the biggest plot twists in video game with ‘Would you kindly?’ It was a hard game to follow but Bioshock 2 did very welly and Levine coming back for Infinite created another classic must play game. Not having Levine on board I think does lose something in the long run, but with a handful of returning Bioshock Devs I do think this will easily be another great entry into the Bioshock franchise. We’re still pretty early on since Cloud Chamber has only just been brought together, but it’s nice to know what we can expect will b a next generation Bioshock game.