Ninja Theme Park by Square Enix, Coming Soon

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Square Enix is best known for their epic fantasy role-playing game franchises of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. In recent years depending on what fans you ask the company has veered a bit off-track for what it is they were best known for. Recent entries into the Final Fantasy series have been met with mixed reviews but overall still remain profitable.

Before there was Square Enix, there were two separate entities Square Soft and Enix. Square Soft was known for always pushing the envelope when it came to their games and their graphics. This ended up being their downfall when they made their own movie Final Fantasy: Spirits Within which bombed hard in theaters and led to the merger between them and Enix. It seem’s Square Enix is once again attempting to strike gold out of their usual lane.

Square Enix has announced their first large scale theme park called Ninja Tower Tokyo, set to open next year in Tokyo Tower. Earlier this year Square Enix established a new division dedicated to making digital attractions for large event spaces. The new Ninja Tower is set to deliver a “ninja entertainment experience.”

Our Thoughts: I’ve been a long time fan of Square both before and after their merger with Enix. I have also been less than thrilled with the direction of their games in the past decade. I long for the golden age of JRPGs like Final Fantasy 6 through 9. Square Enix has done a lot of weird out of the box stuff that is great at making headlines but also makes me scratch my head as a gamer. During their most recent 30 year anniversary of the franchise they sold Final Fantasy themed wine, why? So, to see them striking out to make theme park attractions isn’t surprising, I guess. I just wish they’d go back to doing what they do best. As it is, they’re reminding me more and more of Konami’s slow descent in infamy and Pachinko Machines.

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