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Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

The maker’s of the family card game Uno are removing red and blue cards from the game opting to replace them with purple and orange. The reason for the change is that the makers of the card game don’t want their cards associated with politics. Red and Blue are the colors often associated with Republicans and Democrats and the Uno maker’s don’t want politics getting in the way of a family friend game. The new version of the game is being branded as Uno: Nonpartisan.

Our Thoughts: It’s difficult to navigate the gaming space in anyway and not trip across some sort of political message. It’s even harder navigating social media and not stumbling across some pro-gamergate enthusiast that insists anything other than a straight white male protagonist is ‘forcing diversity down his throat’. The phrase ‘keep politics out of my game’ is hard to miss on a day by day basis in our world. I have to assume that this move by the makers of Uno is one of satire made to grab headlines, which it did! So kudos. I feel that if this truly a move to remove any semblance of politics from the game it would still just be called be Uno and not Uno: Nonpartisan. When it comes right down to it, any attempt to turn Uno into a more family friendly game is wasted anyhow. The moment your cousin drops a draw four on you after you hit your Uno fists are going to fly. Blue or red, Purple or orange, someone’s leaving with a black eye.