Renegades Sign New CS:GO Roster In Time For ESL Season 10

Image courtesy of Renegades

100 Thieves made waves in the world of CS:GO when they announced they had signed the entirety of the Renegades roster to their squad. Renegades promised they weren’t done with CS:GO and we’ve been waiting ever since to see what their plans were. In the early morning hours today, we got our answer.

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Renegades have signed a new roster, namely the squad formerly of Grayhound Gaming. The squad consists of Chris “Dexter” Nong, Oliver “DickStacy” Tierney, Liam “Malta” Schembri, Simon “Sico” Williams, and Joshua “INS” Potter. They’ll also be coached by Mr. Grayound himself, William Gray. Grayhound Gaming has had a good year competing mostly in A and B tier tournaments. They’re coming off back to back tournament wins at the OMEN Challenger Series 2019 and Asia Minor Championships – Berlin.

The new roster won’t have time to rest however. They’re due to play today in the group stages of ESL Season 10. And what better way to cut your teeth than with a game against the team many consider to be the world’s best: Astralis.

Our thoughts: It’s a move that is very much in line with the Renegades M.O. Take players that others overlook, and make them better. Renegades have proven masters at finding talent in Australia, and helping them to be competitive on the international stage. The new squad has a heck of a challenge in front of them, but they’ve played together on Grayhound Gaming for a long time so communication shouldn’t be an issue.

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