2019-03-01 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

One of the most beloved teams in all of Korea, RunAway, is rumored to be entering the League of Legends via a report from Korean pop culture site, Fomos.

Broken down by well known caster Wolf Schröder, the team is currently in talks with a squad already operating in Challengers for Korean LoL. It signals that RunAway are looking to bring in an already completed team rather than build one from the ground up.

RunAway were created by the husband/wife duo of Yoon “Runner” Dae-hoon and Lee “Flowervin” Hyun Ah. They created the organization with their own money and built a team that became very competitive in Overwatch Contenders Korea. On the way, they amassed a huge following in the country. Eventually, they brokered a deal that saw the entire contenders team signed to a new Overwatch League squad which became the Vancouver Titans.

Norris’ Glorious Opinion: There has been no time table on when RunAway will field at team. But I’m lit. In the same vein as 100 Thieves, RunAway is a new brand that has organic love from the fans. People cried when RunAway won Contenders in 2018. This sort of passion is what esports needs, and RunAway is the type of wholesome brand that both parents and advertisers could love.