The saga of Kim “cvMax” Dae-Ho has come to an end as Riot Games have suspended the former coach indefinitely from all competitions. The coach was accused of abusing players both physically and verbally.

In September of 2019, cvMax left Korean LoL team, Griffin, in the lead up to Worlds, shocking the LCK. As information was released, it became clear that the parting was not mutual. The embattled coach cited his ongoing feud with team manager, Cho Kyu-nam and clashes with multiple players as reasons for the departure. After the fallout, Riot began an investigation into Griffin, cvMax and Cho Kyu-nam which reached its conclusion this week ending in the suspension as well as hefty fines for Griffin. In a press statement, Riot Korea (LCK) said they discovered enough evidence of abuse from cvMax towards players to suspend him.

After his initial departure from Griffin, cvMax joined another LCK team, Dragon X in October. With the ruling he will be unable to take that coaching position.

Source: InvenGlobal, Dexerto