Sneaky Announces Departure From Cloud 9

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Cloud9 is going to look very different next year. After Zeyzal and Svenskeren were confirmed to be going to Evil Geniuses last week, we’ve now learned that Sneaky has announced his departure from Cloud9 as well. The 25 year old AD Carry has been with Cloud9 since 2013, and has been the face of the organization for most of that time.

Sneaky has said that he believes he’ll have to compete for his position next year. In addition, he revealed there are issues between him and members of the team that don’t want him in their bottom lane. Sneaky will have plenty of options as he steps away from C9, either to sign for another team, or to stream full time. In the meantime, C9 has announced they’ve signed Vulcan away from Dignitas for 1.5 million dollars.

Our Thoughts: Wow! Cloud 9 is going to be without Svenskeren, Sneaky, and Zeyzal next year. They’re going to look massively different, and I’m sorry, but Vulcan is not a step up from the players that have been lost. It’ll be interesting to see what Sneaky does next. He boasts a massive social media following thanks in part to his crossplay, so streaming is definitely a possibility. However, if I were Evil Geniuses, Dignitas, or Immortals, I’d be placing a call immediately.

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