Photo: Capcom

The North American Regional Finals (NARF) for Street Fighter V saw loads of major competition but it also gave us a look at the future of SFV in 2020. Not only was a new character announced but also a “Champion Edition” expansion of the game.

Street Fighter producer, Yoshinori Ono, is known for his enthusiasm for announcing new additions to Street Fighter. He is especially know for making such reveals at live events. By NARF being the biggest North American event before Capcom Cup, fans expected new content. Ono did not disappoint. Gill, the new character, is the final boss from Street Fighter III and is know for being absurdly cheap. His moveset was very complete, safe and he even had an unavoidable Super Move. Seeing him return would have to come with major nerfs to his kit.

But right after that trailer, Ono stepped back on stage and rolled another this time for “Street Fighter V: Champion Edition”. Keeping in the tradition of constant paid updates to the series, Champion Edition is more akin to a MMORPG expansion than the typical fighting game update. Champion Edition will come with a slew a balance changes which will be pushed to all players. But it will also contain every costume, stage and music track to date. One interesting note is the trailer says the game will come with 40 characters. SFV currently sits at 39 fighters, if you include Gill. So Capcom Cup will more than likely see the reveal of the final fighter as well.

Gill will release next month and SFV:CE has a release date of Feburary, 20th 2020. CE will retail for $29.99 for first time buyers and $24.99 for SFV owners looking to upgrade.