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This year, Blizzcon got off to what some may describe as a somber start, when the president of the company, J. Allen Brack, kicked off the convention by addressing the company’s missteps in handling the situation regarding Hearthstone pro player Blitzchung and his support for the Hong Kong protests. Brack in his opening statement highlighted how he believed himself and Blizzard acted too quickly, and failed to properly communicate with their fans before apologizing and accepting accountability for this incident.

To see what the community reaction has been to this, as well as what our own hosts think, make sure you watch the latest installment of Checkpoint XP: On Campus.


Image courtesy of Blizzard

Continuing with our news out of Blizzcon, the highly anticipated Diablo IV was finally revealed much to the delight of our very own Norris Howard and Jacob Brothers. The new iteration of the Diablo series will be online only, keeping up with the style of Blizzard releases as of recent.

To see Norris and Jacob fawn over this announcement, make sure to keep it locked to Checkpoint XP: On Campus!


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As it turns out, Blizzcon proved to be a source of a lot of news! The revelations kept rolling with arguably the biggest single item to come out of the convention with a reveal trailer for Overwatch 2, a pseudo-sequel/expansion to the ultra-popular hero based arena shooter. There’s some confusion as to whether this game will be a full on sequel, or simply just a further expansion to the current Overwatch game.

Make sure you tune into Checkpoint XP: On Campus, where the guys fully break down this announcement and explain it in detail.


This week on the show, we have Kye Browning, the conference manager of XLive, a trade show/conference aimed toward the entertainment and gaming space.

Daniel and Jacob sit down with Kye to talk about the work XLive is doing in the esports scene, and more on Checkpoint XP: On Campus!


There’s more than one person interested in talking to us at a time! Crazy we know. Adam Antor, the head esports coach at Aquinas College, is in charge of all the esports titles the school currently participates in.

Make sure you catch Adam’s sit down with Daniel and Jacob on this week’s episode of Checkpoint XP: On Campus!


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Jacob and his large brain are back this week for yet another update in the Overwatch Varsity series. This time, Jacob details the final round of play-ins before the playoffs begins, and power ranks each team heading into the playoff round.

Checkpoint XP: On Campus tells you who has the momentum heading into the final stretch!


We end this week’s episode with the usual hilarity you’ve come to expect from Checkpoint XP: On Campus as our very own Jacob Brothers channels his inner Karl Lagerfield to review all of the new League Of Legends skins from True Damage and Louis Vuitton.

For a character by character breakdown of all the new skins, check out the closing segment of Checkpoint XP: On Campus now!

We’ll be back next Thursday with a brand new episode, and continue to watch this space for more coverage of college esports from Checkpoint XP: On Campus!