Photos by Tina Jo/Riot Games.

Photos by Tina Jo/Riot Games.

Evil Geniuses are officially making their return to League of Legends next season and they’re not wasting any time making a splash. Although no moves can become official until free agency starts on November 18th, Evil Geniuses are reportedly set to acquire Svenskeren and Zeyzal from Cloud 9. If Svenskeren sounds familiar, he should. The jungler for Cloud9 was the 2019 Summer Split MVP, and is considered one of the best players in North America.

Evil Geniuses were one of the premiere esports organizations in North America for a long time. They fell off for a few years, but have recently stormed back onto the scene in both CS:GO and now League of Legends. After purchasing Echo Fox’s slot for a reported 30 million dollars, they now have to fill out their roster in time for the season to begin in early 2020.

Our thoughts: This is a major move for Evil Geniuses. For the new kids on the block to lure the summer split MVP away from Cloud 9 tells me they opened the checkbook. It’s a great move for them however, as a strong foundation like that should be able to entice some other top tier talent to join the roster. I’d keep an eye on Evil Geniuses as a potential contender next year.

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