Nintendo Surpasses 750 Million Hardware Units Moved

Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Nintendo

While Sony is far and away the king of console sales, they are not the leaders when it comes to hardware. No, that designation belongs to their long-time rival Nintendo. Most statistics don’t count handhelds as consoles, and by that measure, Sony is dominant. However, when you factor in handheld systems, you see why Nintendo decided to make the Switch a hybrid console.

In a quarterly earnings call, we learned that Nintendo has now sold over 750 million hardware units lifetime. Leading the charge is the Nintendo DS, which sold 154 million units. That comes up just short of the Playstation 2, which sits at around 158 million. The GameBoy and the Wii also reside in the 100 million+ club, whereas the Wii-U brings up the rear at a paltry 13.56 million.

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