Joe vs. The Predator

It’s no secret that the cast here at CheckpointXP loves cosplay and any opportunity to dress up, as seen in the photo above of Joe as a sith vs. Predator.

And as fans of cosplay, we always look forward to Halloween. Something about the holiday always brings out the best cosplay outfits, and we wanted to showcase some of our favorites from Twitter and Instagram.

Calamity Jaye as Roadhog

Calamity_Jayne’s take on Road Hog keeps all the trappings of the character, it’s hazardous, apocalyptic and just as bad-ass.

Meg Turney as Caveira

Caviera is definitely a character you always have to keep an eye out for in Rainbow Six: Seige. And this depictions of her is definitely keeping our attention.

MadeYewLook as Luigi

With Luigi’s Mansion 3 out on the Nintendo Switch, this cosplay is an immediate go to! Even though this cosplay is on the simpler side, Lex is known for her amazing body painting skills.

Angelica as ???

We aren’t entirely sure what the inspiration of this cosplay is from, but whatever it is, IT’S COOL! Although, it would seem getting a bite to eat is a bit more difficult than you’d think…

Mirko Racaniello as Morgoth

Morgoth is usually portrayed without a clear look at his face, but this more humanized version still gives fans a bit of a chill when looking at him. The axe alone is terrifying enough!

Hendo Art as Black Cat

If looks could kill, Black Cat would be one to watch out for. Unfortunately, for us she’s a killer all around and Hendo Art nails every aspect of Felicia Hardy’s alter ego. When you peel a character right off the comic pages, this is exactly what you get.

Sneaky as Astolfo

Zach Scuderi, A.K.A. Sneaky from Cloud9’s LoL team is no stranger to cosplay, and also no stranger to gender fluidity. Just another day in the life of a cosplay legend.

Who else have you seen this year killing it with their cosplays this Halloween? We’d love to see them! Tag us your favorites on Twitter and Instagram.

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