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It’s Halloween and that mean’s everyone is down to be spooky! If you’re looking for a few ways to add a little seasonal spice to your home brew, source book or one-shot campaigns here’s a few easy to use monsters sure to add a bit of spookiness to your game.


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This may seem like a throwaway or an easy go to, but nothing says Halloween like a good ol’ blood sucker! Vampire’s are also very, very difficult to get rid of in Dungeons and Dragons once they have a taste for the party. It’s a great enemy to introduce for a session or two that manages to just barely escape…only to come back around one year later to the exact date!


The mimic is a classic Dungeons and Dragons creature going back as far as anyone can remember. The genius of it is that anything can be a mimic and they provide for the best jump scares. Throw just a single mimic at your party and watch as they question every inanimate object they cross for the rest of the session.

Skeletons or Zombies

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Don’t roll your eyes! What Halloween campaign wouldn’t be complete without some kind of Dawn of the Dead scenario? Skeletons and Zombies are best used in groups, but are still easily dispatched by the heroes. Use hordes of these things to get the blood in your party pumping and the heart skipping a beat as they walk out of the tavern to an army of undead…

The Hag

The Hag is a great stand-in for a witch-like character aesthetic. The best part about the hag though, is that there are so many different variants of it. Swamp Hag, Green Hag, Night Hag…they go on and on. Each is different in it’s own right but all have magic and tricks that could really put a creepy spin on the session.

The Lich

Photo Credit Wizards of the Coast

I saved the best for last…the Lich! The perfect puppet master to orchestrate whatever diabolical plans you have set for a spooky Halloween night session. Perhaps he was using magic to hide in plain sight the whole time? The Lich has it all and can be inserted into just about any scenario…did he send the Vampire after the group? Is he the one raising the legions of undead (probably) or is he the mind behind the Hag? The possibilities, like his un-life are endless.

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