Evil Geniuses Win StarSeries Season 8

Logo courtesy of Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses have had a pretty wild month. After returning to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, they won it all in the first tournament they entered at ESL New York. The good vibes didn’t last however as they got bounced early at Dreamhack Masters Malmo. They’ve now gotten back to their winning ways as they took first place at StarSeries Season 8 over the weekend.

The path to victory for Evil Geniuses saw them win the loser’s bracket of the group stages, giving them a spot in the winner’s bracket in the playoffs. Victories over Renegades and Fnatic earned them a slot in the finals. Fnatic meanwhile defeated FURIA Esports in the loser’s bracket to set up a rematch in the grand finals. Evil Geniuses looked even better than they had the first time around however, and dispatched Fnatic 2-0 to take home the win. For the win, they’ll receive $250,000 dollars. Rounding out the top 4 meanwhile are Fnatic in 2nd, FURIA Esports in 3rd, and Renegades in 4th.

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