Well, that was convincing. If anyone was on the fence about whether Renegades have a shot to compete, they’re not anymore. With their win over Vitality, they come out on top of Group A at StarSeries Season 8.

Getting there was no walk in the cake either. Their first match saw them go up against MIBR, who gave them three grueling games. After finally emerging victorious on the back of a 22-20 win on Mirage, they advanced to face Fnatic, who were fresh off a win at Dreamhack Masters Malmo. That match-up went better as they won pretty convincingly 16-9 in the first game and 16-13 in the second. That set them up with a game against Vitality, who finished second at Malmo.

Their match with Vitality was decisive, as they won the first map by a score of 16-2. Vitality fought back on Nuke, but Renegades still won in convincing fashion by a final of 16-12. With the win, Renegades secure a bye in the playoff stage of the tournament, which gets underway tomorrow. Just a reminder, the winning team will take home 250,000 dollars.