Blizzard Adds iNcontrol Memorial Bundle To Starcraft 2

Image courtesy of Blizzard

Earlier this year, the Starcraft world was saddened by the sudden passing of Geoff ‘iNcontrol’ Robinson. To commemorate him in the game, Blizzard has added a new memorial bundle to Starcraft 2 for free. That bundle includes an announcer pack, portrait, and other items related to iNcontrol.

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Beginning on October 23, Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson’s Announcer Pack, Portrait, and some additional items we’re creating in his honor-will be granted to every player on log-in, for free, forever.Learn more:

Players will be able to receive the bundle upon logging in and there’s no time-limit to get it. The move is one to help Robinson live on in the gaming community he gave so much to. Robinson passed this last July at the age 33, following complications with a blood clot in his lungs.

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