(Picture provided by Little Big PR)

Legacy of Discord — Furious Wings is proudly celebrating its third birthday as the most popular mobile ARPG in the world.

The development team want to show their gratitude to the players with birthday-themed events taking place in-game until the end of October. There are also a round of brand new in-game updates for players to enjoy.


Don’t forget to make a wish!

Legacy of Discord players get to light a candle on the big in-game third birthday cake in the Make a Wish event. A bunch of special rewards are bestowed on those lighting the candles (your wish is not necessary for redemption). The event runs from Oct 20 to Oct 28.

Sharing is caring

Players will have the opportunity to send their friends special in-game birthday cards — and the great thing is, simply sending something lovely to your fellow players could see you bestowed with a new and exclusive third anniversary title!

It’s your lucky (birth)day!

Players can enter the big lucky birthday draw to win in-game rewards, these vary from special materials, equipment and even new characters.


Legacy of the Gods

Upgrade your equipment and appearance with this all-new update. Once your equipment has reached Lv11 you can activate Legacy of the Gods equipment, radically altering your character’s appearance. Its possible to use inlaid gems and talent points to further improve the abilities and appearance of your outfit.

Furious Race

An online multiplayer race that all orange, red and gold mounts can participate in. There is an overall leaderboard tracking the progress of all participants and those who regularly reach race destinations first will score the big points.