Image: Twitter/@Livianart

EuroCosplay in London is one of the biggest cosplay competitions on that side of the world. But they are dealing with public outcry as a French cosplayer, Livanart, has been banned from this year’s event due to blackface.

Livanart, decided to portray of League of Legends character Pyke, who is black, and was told she could not participate in the event. The very detailed costume includes a full prosthetic suit as opposed to makeup. Supporters of Livanart say that because its a suit that its not technically blackface, but the Eurocosplay administrators begged to differ.

Blackface, the act of painting or altering your skin to appear of African decent, is commonly seen as an American issue. But within the cosplay community it has been a point of contention for many years now even abroad.

Eurocosplay states they are reviewing their rules to make sure that these kinds of costumes are not considered for competition in the future.