Sony PlayStation announced the confirmation of the PlayStation 5 (clever name…), and as a PlayStation-Fanboy, I am undoubtedly excited for its release in the holiday season of 2020. But with gaming PC’s becoming more affordable and consoles trying to keep up with bigger and better hardware in their systems, will it be necessary to invest in the PS5, or save your money to upgrade your PC setup?

Here are a few reasons I contemplate the need for a new PlayStation system:

  • Disks and Hard Drive Space: The PS5 will feature a 4k Bluray player, and disk space can hold up to 100GB, which as a PS4 owner would know never mattered since you still had to download the game to the console, whether you had the disk or not. However, the PS5 is allowing for players to pick and choose what they want to keep from their games, like just the multiplayer section, and not the single-player section. Which I commend them on this as a solution, it still requires the user to delete games if the hard drive space is full. This all depends on what the base hard drive for the PS5 will be, but even the idea of 1TB hard drive space seems like you’d need to prioritize what you’d want to keep.
  • PlayStation Exclusives: It’s hard to say until we see the full list of games planned for the release, but I can confidently say that a majority of the games will also be available on PC. And even though I love the PlayStation controller, I can easily set that up on a PC, as well. But, depending on the list of PS5 exclusives, I’d be willing to rescind this point.
  • Mobility & New Technology: After canning the PS Vita, and the growing trend of mobile games, as well as the ease of play from the Nintendo Switch, how will PlayStation be able to break the population away from that convenience? Now, I’m not saying your phone can play a game currently, like a console can, but there is something to be said about the ability to pick up the game and go. Which also lends to the question of new technology, such as VR and AR. Will the PS5 be able to keep up with new trends and updates as these grow into the space?
  • Streaming From The PlayStation 5: As the PS4 aged and updated with technology and necessary upgrades for games, the one place they seemed to lack was their streaming software directly from the PS4 itself. Sure, you had the ability to do it, but with streaming becoming the norm and the ability to share games with maximum quality, the PS4 was clearly lacking. So, I’d be curious if the PS5 has something user-friendly, but also can withstand the constantly changing streaming space.

Now, as a fan of PlayStation, I am hoping for the complete success of this new console, however, there are questions I have about the future of consoles and whether we should continue to invest in them.

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Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images