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While attending the Esports Business Summit there was a common term that was on the tip of everyone’s tongue, “College Esports”. Now, most were referring to this when it came to building teams and scholarships to attract students to their schools, others have developed a curriculum around the booming space.

The University of Staffordshire built a programs around marketing and management surrounding the space, which in our opinion is a great step in the right direction. In this space, we’ve heard of organizations taking advantage of players or simply not having any experience on how to run a business, let alone an international brand. These degrees could be the next step in solidifying esports into mainstream culture.

U.S. colleges, such as Shenandoah University in Virginia, Becker College in Massachusetts and The Ohio State University, have also developed their esports degree programs. With the discussion of health and wellness in esports on the rise, as well, Ohio State has planned programs to include health and medicine as it relates to gaming. But, it doesn’t stop there, over 100 high schools have also developed curriculum around esports, which inevitably would be a great stepping stone into these collegiate programs.

Ohio Higher Ed on Twitter

Online gaming is poised to surpass the billion-dollar mark this year. @OhioState has built an arena, is creating classes and will eventually offer a degree to teach students how to work in the #eSports field.

We can see that esports is becoming more than just a new fad or buzzword. What are you thoughts? Let us know on Twitter& Facebook!

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