Photo provided by Bart Oerbekke and ESL

If you’re Evil Geniuses or a fan of the organization, things couldn’t be going much better for you right now. Not only did your team announce a return to Counter-Strike. Not only did your team announce they were the newest team to join the LCS. But now your team has defeated one of the best in the world on their return debut.

Copyright: ESL | Carlton Beener

Evil Geniuses stunned Astralis at ESL One New York over the weekend, marking a triumphant return to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Their line up, including CeRq, Stanislaw, Brehze, Ethan Arnold, and Tarik Celik were playing for NRG before Evil Geniuses bought them out prior to the tournament. Under the EG banner, the squad ran all the way to the grand finals where they met with perennial powerhouse Astralis.

Evil Geniuses got off to a strong start, punching Astralis in the mouth on one of their best maps, Inferno. After Evil Geniuses took the second map, it was Astralis who powered back in the third map to force a fourth match. Evil Geniuses took the win then and there, winning the series 3-1 and returning to Counter-Strike in grand fashion. For the win, Evil Geniuses will take home $100,000.

Photo Credit – Copyright: ESL | Carlton Beener, Bart Oerbekke