Best Cosplay, Sites and Scenes of Twitchcon 2019

Over the past weekend, all of downtown San Diego was taken over by the likes of streams, players, fans, developers, and anyone even remotely interested in the space. Here are some of our favorite cosplays, and moments from Twitchcon 2019.

About The Author

Chadd Callahan Chadd, better known as Double D, is the resident horror gamer and has been a gamer since his first experience with the PlayStation, almost 20 years ago. Using his film and media degree from Wayne State University in the heart of Detroit, he is the brand design behind CheckpointXP and one of the co-hosts for CheckpointXP Daily. Diving into a little bit of everything from costuming, makeup, fashion, pop-culture, and all things aesthetic, he loves to blend video games into everything he does.

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