Last month Marvel released a new Spider-Man #1 written by J.J. Abrams and his son Henry and illustrated by Sara Pichelli. The story marks a new chapter in the life of Peter Parker, but at the same serves as a reboot and a new origin of the Spider-Man character, but he’s not who you expect him to be…Spoilers for this episode of The Other Identity if you haven’t read the new Spider-Man #1.

At the beginning of Spider-Man #1 we see Peter Parker as we know him, Spider-Man. He’s fighting a new foe, eventually revealed to be named Cadaverous. In the opening few pages he kills Mary Jane and after a short funeral scene we jump ahead several years to see Peter and MJ’s son, Ben Parker. That’s who the story is about. Ben is starting to show signs of having the powers his father does, Aunt May notices and shows him Peter’s old costume.

Robbie and Joe talk about the parallels and differences between Peter’s original origins and what Ben is now going through as he starts his journey to become Spider-Man. They also discuss what they’re interested to see develop, such as the relationship between Ben and his father, Peter. For more listen to the whole episode and let us know what you think.

The Other Identity – Issue 24 – Spidey’s New Groove

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