Evil Geniuses Returning To LCS

It’s been a wild few months since the troubles with Echo Fox lead to their ejection from the LCS. Since then, Riot has been fielding pitches and proposals to fill the now vacant League of Legend slot. That process has come to an end however. Evil Geniuses have been announced as the 10th and final team in the North American League Championship Series.

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You saw that right – Evil Geniuses will be returning to the North American LCS (@LCSOfficial) for the 2020 Season.It’s been a hell of a day, but support makes it all possible. Full details are here: https://t.co/TMsDfc31Mk pic.twitter.com/ZPuE9lfYjY

For long time LCS watchers, this is a homecoming. Evil Geniuses last competed in the North American LCS in 2014. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but it’s expected to be in the area of 30-40 million dollars, based on what other teams reportedly offered for the slot. Evil Geniuses has announced they won’t be purchasing a ready-made roster, and will instead be developing their own roster to compete.

It marks the continuation of a major comeback for Evil Geniuses, who were once in the upper echelon of North American esports brands. In addition to their re-entry into the LCS, they also announced this week that they’ll be coming back to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well. What about you? Are you excited to see Evil Geniuses return to the LCS? Can they compete in a league dominated by the likes of Team Liquid and Cloud? Hit us up on social media and let us know!

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